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Costa Rica: Top 5 Romantic Hotels

Costa Rica offers beaches, hiking, cloud forests, bubbling hot springs, lush tropical gardens, and some of the most romantic hotels in the world. In honor of Valentine’s week Midwest Travel Solutions is bringing you a special five part installment highlighting … Continue reading

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Finding the Best Price

How to Find the Best Price on Any Hotel Room in 5 Minutes or Less What is the best booking engine? Do you have any deals? What is the lowest price? Where can I get the best price? As a … Continue reading

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Travel Reviews

A Word on Travel Reviews: Subjective vs. Objective Anonymous reviews are a point to get information, a good tool, but a bad place to start a search. The resort that is the best possible match to where you are in … Continue reading

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Travel Planning

Travel Planning: With so much information out there, where to start? First, you must start with your budget. It is a sad fact that you cannot enjoy a week in Bora Bora in an overwater bungalow if your budget is … Continue reading

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Saving Money-Tips for Cruising

Thoughts of white sand beaches, dazzling turquoise waters and the warmth of the sun seeping deep into your shoulders is an image that can seem irresistible as the harsh January wind whips your face, stinging your eyes until they water … Continue reading

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Service as a Value Added Benefit? Yes!

When we cruised with Norwegian Cruise Lines (“NCL”) our concierge Anabelle took our trip from a great vacation to perfection with her easy style, vast knowledge and experience. I am neither rich, nor famous, but guiltily admit I do appreciate … Continue reading

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Reno is known as “the Biggest Little City in the World” and this rings true, a bit more honest is to say Reno “the biggest small town in the World” as this hits the marker a bit closer since much … Continue reading

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Carnival Magic, A Travel Agent’s Review

With an unmatched combination of quality, value and fun, Carnival Cruise Lines has become the worlds most popular cruise line, carrying more passengers than any other cruise operator. From the moment you board a Carnival Fun Ship, you will be … Continue reading

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Why Crusing Is a Great Budget Option

Your cruise fare includes your accommodations, on board activities and entertainment, most meals, plus transportation from port to port. You’ll know what your vacation will cost you before you go, and with advanced planning you can make payments leading up … Continue reading

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Top Five Money Saving Travel Tips

1. When comparing the cost of different types of vacations or diverse itineraries break it down to the cost per person per day. This is the only way to make an apples to apples comparison. If you are considering a … Continue reading

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