We Save you Time and Money


Isn’t it less expensive to book my trip myself? This is the number one question I receive and the answer is a resounding NO!

The price you pay for a cruise or package will almost always be the same or less when booked with a travel agent, we understand how to add value such as resort or ship-board credits, a free bottle of wine or other perk. Cruise lines actually encourage their customers to work with a travel agent. Why? Because they know that you will have a better vacation if you sail on a ship that best meets your expectations, lifestyle and budget and a happy customers tell happy tales.

Okay, but isn’t it cheaper to book my hotel myself? NO! We have negotiated contracts that guarantee you the best rate. This guarantee is not backed by simply an mathematically algorithm as most discount booking engines, this is backed by a review of at least 3 competitors to ensure that you are getting the best price.

With all-inclusive resorts and tour companies the price can vary widely – – it is always wise to do some comparison shopping. At Midwest Travel Solutions we do the comparison shopping for you checking multiple suppliers as well as our competitors to ensure you are getting the best value for your travel dollar. More important is only working with partners that we know deliver a top notch product or experience. It is not worth saving $50. if your vacation isn’t what you wanted.

We can also save you money by alerting you to last minute and short period booking opportunities, or other special offers. Many resorts send out special deals, bonus offers and last minute specials with a very limited booking window.

Midwest Travel Solutions understands the best times to travel and when shoulder season means a great rate! This is yet another ways working with a travel professional makes your vacation dollar go further. For almost the same price as you would pay for a 7-day cruise during peak season, we can book you into a suite in off season. Imagine having the opportunity to travel first class for the same budget!

Some days are less expensive to travel than other days. Red-eye flights and stand-by flights can be less expensive, but direct flights can cost more than taking a circuitous route that involves several different connections. A knowledgeable travel agent will know how to find the best mix between cost and convenience. Here is a hint: Flights on the weekend are generally more expensive.

We have access to bulk discounts and consolidated tickets on international flights that are often offer you a greater cost savings than so called online “discount booking engines”.

We recommend only the best tour operators that will not only give you a better vacation value, but also ensure that the tour operators are experienced and reliable and more importantly someone with who we have a relationship an actual person that we can contact on your behalf should something unplanned that crops up along the way- -this can go a long way towards resolving any potential problems.

Call Midwest Travel Solutions today to take advantage of our wealth of knowledge, experience and cost saving strategies for your next vacation.