Why Use a Travel Agent

1. To Save Your Budget

This may seem counter-intuitive, to hire a travel agent instead of going it alone to save money. But at Midwest Travel Solutions we are experts in travel planning, this does not mean we flash an unbelievable price in front of you to sell a trip and let you worry about all the things they didn’t tell you about. Do you really think you can take a cruise for $41 per day?

Sure if you sail at the last minute and you are only counting the cruise fare and not the mandatory tips, transportation to the boat, the balcony cabin you really want, the excursions, and then there is the bar bill! We will help you to create a budget to stick to while you are on your trip, so you can have a good time and not break the bank.

We can save you money by steering you toward better bargains, even if the price is higher. Wouldn’t you want to pay more for a hotel that has a free breakfast that you will actually want to eat, instead of finding out breakfast at a hotel you booked online only offers bad coffee and stale rolls?

2. Choice

Some resorts, hotels and other specialized properties do not advertise, rather they use the travel professional to book their rooms. Let us find that perfect location that you may not even know exists.

3. Travel Documentation

With the ever changing requirements, we can help you know what you need and what you don’t, and how to prepare and organize all necessary documents. Each custom trip goes with a one-page summary that makes it a breeze to know when you need to be where.

4. We Can Tell You When Not to Travel

If you want a quiet trip, we know what dates you should avoid and can help you plan your trip accordingly.

5. Tips and Tricks

How early do you really need to be at the airport? What are the quickest ways to get through security? Is the Upgrade Worth It? What happens to that tequila you bought at the airport when you have to transfer planes? Learn from our experience, not the school of hard knocks.

6. Enhancing the Trip with Extra Amenities

We want this trip to be memorable. It doesn’t matter if it is a dream trip of a lifetime or a shopping trip with your three best girlfriends. We try hard to arrange for those little extras- like a bottle of champagne or an upgrade. Toast to first class traveling

7. Clarifying the Fine Print

When you book a trip with us you will always know what to expect – -There will be no misunderstandings because you clicked “yes” on a terms and conditions button that you have no idea what it said (Mice can’t read, so why is the type always sized for miniature eyes?). We do not tell you that you are subject to restrictions hidden in the fine print of your travel documents. We tell you everything, upfront without limitation.

8. General Ideas on Where to Go

At Midwest Travel Solutions we have the expertise to offer advice based on your desires. Maybe something you have never thought of. Have you ever been snowmobiling on a mountain trail. Internet booking sites tend to require a destination up front.

9. Group Trips Made Simple

The more people traveling in your group the more organization it takes on the front end. We know who to plan for every detail, and make sure you get the best value for your dollar.

10. Trip Planning Becomes Even Easier

Planning for the second trip becomes easier as we get to know each other.

And the absolute number one reason to use Midwest Travel Solutions to plan your trip? We love referrals. We work for referrals; it is the ultimate compliment. So after bragging about a great trip to coworkers or the neighbors, and they ask how you got all those details organized you can say, I used Midwest Travel Solutions, let me give you their number!