Grand Cayman, Top 3 Excursions


Tour includes:
• Round trip transportation from the cruise ship pier
• A boat ride to snorkel destinations
• Visit to Stingray City
• Snorkel at Barrier Reef
• Snorkel at Coral Gardens (or another location depending on weather)
• Lunch/beach break at the lovely Kaibo Yacht Club

Throughout the ins and outs and ups and downs of island life, this company has managed to excel for the last 50 years. Started by the man who “discovered” Stingray City, the company is still family owned and although the founder is not a kid anymore, he will often board the boat and regale guests with tales of life in Cayman’s earlier days. You’ll board a cabin cruiser for the trip to the famous Stingray City sandbar to interact with the stingrays in waist-deep water.

You’ll also stop to snorkel at either the Barrier Reef or Coral Gardens, SeaLife DC1400and a spot for the conch dive (in season). At Stingray City, you can enjoy having the stingrays swim around you or you can don your snorkel and get a little more up close and personal. Food for the stingrays is provided so you can experience the feeling of them grabbing the goodies with their mouths on the underside of their body as they swim over your hand. The gorgeous Barrier Reef will provide you the opportunity to snorkel in waters 8-10 ft. deep inhabited by nurse sharks and moray eels, as well as beautiful coral and thousands of fish. Or you could stop at the Coral Gardens, a cluster of coral formations which is home to thousands of fish and a few stingrays.

You’ll take a break at the beach of the lovely Kaibo Yacht Club, where lunch is served. In season, from November 1-March 31, you’ll also have the opportunity to participate in a “conch dive.” The conch will be served marinated as an appetizer with a full lunch to follow (we promise everything else will be cooked!). We can book this for you, or you can book this 6 hour deluxe excursion with Shore Trips

#2- Scuba Diving, of course!


SeaLife DC1400Literally the birthplace of recreational when Bob Soto opened the first Grand Cayman dive shop in 1957. You will find over 40 dive operations and almost 360 dive sites marked with moorings, warm, calm waters with 100 ft. plus visibility and breath-taking variety of marine life offer a world of exciting dive sites to choose from. At Little Cayman you will find Bloody Bay Marine Park- one of the world’s truly legendary dive sites: the sheer coral wall begins at 20 ft. and plunges to 6000 ft.

Not a certified Scuba Diver? Let Midwest Travel Solutions book you on a discover dive!

#3 Seven Mile Beach

Named one of the “Ultimate Beaches” by Caribbean Travel + Life, Seven Mile Beach is the ultimate Caribbean destination and the epitome of an island getaway. Located on the western shore of Grand Cayman, here you will find clear waters and coral sands lined with picture perfect palms trees as well as many luxury resorts, however it is all public property. There are restaurants open to the public at most of the resorts and several public beach bars– dreaming of sipping a margarita on the beach? This is the place!7Mile

Bonus Tip
If your wallet is strained from vacation and you want a port that you can really enjoy without shelling out extra money, George Town is a great little town to do some window shopping, with a great snorkel spot just 10 minutes from port.

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