Hotel Indigo

In my quest to experience new properties, concepts in travel and just step outside of my normal selection of vanilla, but safe hotels, I recently stayed at Hotel Indigo just outside of Indianapolis, in Fishers, Indiana. Hotel Indigo is a member of Intercontinental Hotel Group. In my sometimes muddled mind, once a property is bought or built by a large consortium it means that the a property can no longer be classified as a true boutique hotel, however sometimes having the right people on board means that the property can feel like a boutique hotel. Your stay becomes a little more, a little different, just a little bit better. This is what Hotel Indigo accomplishes.

Hotel Indigo is building its brand recognition on individuality, a fresh hip look that comes across as true chic with bold colors, striking patterns and textures throughout. Hotel Indigo offers plush bedding, albeit not 5 star pillow-top comfort, but a cut above average in this price point. Add to that true spa-style bathrooms (we had a wonderful walk in shower), hard surface flooring with signature murals that simply make you feel good when you step in the lobby or your room. The personal touches combined with the service received from the warm welcoming staff made me feel like I was staying with friends at a resort, not a large hotel chain.

Hotel Indigo not only allows pets, they also have a resident Doggie Ambassador. Fibo will greet you in the lobby- -and for those that are especially lonely, you may sleep with the fishes, or at least a solitary fish is available to be your overnight companion. In addition to a room, you have to option of upgrading to a suite with a balcony.

Hotel Indigo manages to do all this, and at a price that wouldn’t break the bank.

So next time you have a chance to stay at a Hotel Indigo, forgo your normal choice and try something better!

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