Tamarindo, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

tamarindo-diria-092 The Heights of Love

Day two of our special Valentine’s Day series of most romantic hotels in Costa Rica brings us to the province of Guanacaste, and the town of Tamarindo located on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica.

What is there to do in Tamarindo?

Surfing: you will find many local surf shops offering professional lessons that will have you catching your own wave in no time. How good is the surfing? International competitions are held here several times a year.

How blue am I?

How blue am I?

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling: It is true that diving in Costa Rica is a little bit different than the Caribbean, after all this is the Pacific, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it isn’t a great place to explore what is going on underneath the waves. Manta Rays, Sting Rays, White-tipped Reef Sharks, Bull Sharks, Giant Grouper and sightings of immense schools of fish are not uncommon. While staying at a beach resort to the north, I returned after a long day of touring anxious to get in at least a meager half hour of snorkeling before the sunset. As the light was fading I happened upon the largest pair of striking octopi (for you grammer phobes), that I have ever encountered, all dappled in white, browns and grey to blend in perfectly with their rock home I caught them emerging from. An incredible photo would surely be inserted here, but the long day of touring, and the other mundane photos had drained the life out of my now dead battery. Disappointed that I couldn’t share this showy pair with anyone, I lingered floating in the water on the soft waves till the last bit if light faded, then headed in thrilled by my moment of solitude and grace that was all mine.

Nature Walks: A visit to Las Baulas park, so named for giant leatherback turtles, is where you will find beaches home to nesting sites where these magnificent creatures come to lay eggs; night tours are available from September through March, allowing you to view the spectacle of a female turtle digging her nest and laying eggs. Encounter one of these in the water, I would venture a guess that you will believe they belong only in the ocean and not in your soup bowl.

Explore the Water: Come kayak Tamarindo National Wildlife Refuge and experience the soothing pace of this mangrove swamp that was created to protect biodiversity and the vital ecosystem between both land and sea.

So now you know why you should come to the area, but where to stay?

Perhaps 27 is a magical number in Costa Rica as our No. 4 choice for Most Romantic Hotels in Costa Rica also happens to sit on a beautiful 27 acre estate. And, the name? Los Altos de Eros, well the name itself means ‘”the heights of love”. If a blissful stay in a 5 star boutique hotel is what you seek with the one you love, when you come to the area you simply can’t do better than Los Altos de Eros.

banner_boutique_img1 This boutique hotel offers up a welcome as warm as the summer sun, and you will fall in love the ambiance, cuisine, and staff as you experience paradise without all the daily distractions of your everyday life, you will indeed feel new heights of love and be reminded how special your true love is to you.

Did we mention the spa?

Experience a day in heaven by taking part of Los Altos de Eros Signature Spa Day, featuring your choice of three amazing treatments guaranteed to leave you feeling like you just arrived in Nirvana. Go ahead, treat yourself to the best Spa in Costa Rica, after all, don’t you deserve it?banner_spa_img5

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