Tenkiller Lake, OK

Tenkiller park is one of the relatively few lakes in the midwest that offer decent diving, in fact I think it is better diving than the more popular Beaver Lake. If you don’t want to camp the park has cabins (think rustic duplex) that you can rent at a very reasonable cost and you have a great weekend diving destination that is budget friendly.

If diving isn’t your thing, Ten Killer offers up plenty of activities the whole family will enjoy, or an adventuresome girlfriend’s getaway without luxury but packed full of fun!

For water enthusiasts you will find skiing, fishing, boating, and tubing as well as rafting and kayaking on the Upper Illinois River. All lake swimming areas in Tenkiller Lake are protected from boats with buoy safety markers. For scuba divers you aren’t so lucky as boats often will travel too close to your dive flag, even when the area is clearly marked as having divers underwater, so as always, it pays to be cautious when surfacing. Here you will find Crappie, White & Striped Bass, Large and Smallmouth Bass, Catfish and Trout, massive rock walls along parts of the shore line as well as a scuba park.

Close by you can explore Tahlequah where you can tour the original townsite Historic District, stroll down brick sidewalks and shop unique boutiques.

DID YOU KNOW? Where the Red Fern Grows is set in the Tahlequah area where author Wilson Rawls grew up. The novel is based upon a Native tale of two children that become lost in a blizzard, dying together hidden until they are found in the spring with a red fern growing between them – an ultimate sign of love becomes the red fern. The legend has blossomed into a town festival a large helping of Americana including hound dog field trials, a BBQ contest and Chili cook-off, old fashioned children’s games as well as local sport involving crawdads! For more information checkout www.redfernfestival.com

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